Why is a channel manager important for hoteliers?

Take Complete Control of your Online Distribution With Syncrooms Channel Manager


Managing online travel agents has never been easier. Update room allocation and rates with one easy-to-use platform that communicates with all agents in just one click with syncrooms channel manager.

Hoteliers are dependent on OTAs to grow their online presence and to get more bookings. A hotel can work with multiple OTAs without a channel manager, but the process of updating inventory and rates on all the channels without a channel manager solution will become a hectic task. It will consume an enormous amount of time, and it would lead to errors, too. And to be noted here, a mismatch in terms of wrong inventory update across OTAs will lead to complications like double booking and overbooking.

This is where a channel manager plays a significant role. With this, hoteliers can manage and distribute inventory and rates across all OTAs they are connected to. And the results are –

  • Increase distribution Market your hotel through multiple platforms and manage them all with one tool that updates rates and room inventory on all sites simultaneously.
  • No more manual entry Automated booking posting to your system with inventory reduces admin costs and the risk of overbooking
  • It reduces the effort and time they usually take to update inventory and rate across all the channels.
  • When a booking is done on any of the channels, the channel manager updates all the channels accordingly, automatically, and in real-time.
  • Allows hoteliers organize reservations received from across different OTAs.
  • Hoteliers get to know how much inventory they have in hand to sell in order to avoid overbookings.
  • he process helps hoteliers increase their brands’ online visibility.
  • However, a two-way connection between a cloud-based Hotel PMS like Syncrooms and the channel manager solution can offer more to hoteliers.
  • It extracts real-time inventory, from the PMS database and pushes the same to all the sales channels through the channel manager.


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