All-In-One Property Management System For Your Hotel Need

All-In-One Property Management System For Your Hotel Need

Is an elegant, modern and fully customization you can boost your daily operations with a powerful, user-friendly property management system

Is an elegant, modern and fully customization you can boost your daily operations with a powerful, user-friendly property management system

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The importance of a Property Management System

Why All in one Property Management System ?

We provide a complete hotel management solution through a smart, flexible PMS, distribution channel manager, commission-free booking engine, secure payment gateway, and a cloud concierge service. Manage your hotel with a single, all-in-one application suite.Clever and affordable technology to manage your property efficiently .

Why All in one Property Management System ?
No double bookings

A PMS that connects to a channel manager means all your availability is constantly being updated. This means no double bookings, saving you and your team time by eliminating double bookings

Work Easy And Save time

Saves you and your employees valuable time and open up your one unique platform with syncrooms will help you perform these tasks with ease

Improve Efficiency and guest experience

A PMS is at the heart of hotel operations, helping with efficiency and guest experience, it is an indispensable hotel tool.

Streamlined check in and checkout

Processes should be fast and easy to provide a seamless guest experience. Having streamlined and easy check in and checkout processes is important for both the guest experience and hotel efficiency.

Comprehensive Reporting

Will connect your property to thousands and thousands of travel agents globally, who are focused on generating bookings and increasing revenue for you. You focus on your guests; we’ll get more in the door.

Clear communication

Having clear lines of communication between all departments of your property and with the guest is integral to a successful accommodation. With a property management system you can facilitate easy communication, and ensure that all departments are operating effectively and efficiently

Power of cloud based property management system

Syncrooms helps hotels better manage their operations, without incurring heavy expenditure on infrastructure or software purchases.

Fast & easy work

You can now focus your time and resources on improving your guest experience. With automated systems put in place through cloud based PMS, one can look for alternate ways to enhance guest experience

Access from anywhere

Since the PMS uses the Internet to store information, one can easily access data from anywhere — computer, tablet or smartphone

Power of cloud based property management system

Mobile Check-In

A paradigm shift from managing rooms to engaging with guests

Integrated guest self-service app, automatic mailers, hotel kiosk, tablet check in.Reception is an option too narrow when it comes to interaction with the modern-day guests spoilt for digital choice

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One System, One Login, Always In-Sync

One System to Rule Them All

Syncrooms hotel software offers hoteliers a centralized location to manage their operation. Our integrated solution allows your property to operate more efficiently. Use one login to access your property management system, booking engine, channel manager, hotel revenue management system, and more. With syncrooms, you’ll waste less time clicking around the internet and more time making high-level decisions.

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Behind the scenes magic with Syncrooms

Built-in guest communication

Automatic booking confirmation emails and SMS to guests more

Extensive Booking Card

You can easily read, edit, and need to know about a reservation, or change everything.

Let guests book directly with you

Your guests can easily books rooms from Booking engine included

Behind the scenes magic with Syncrooms
One simple screen, everything you need

Front Office Management

At any given time, the front office is the first point of contact at your hotel. Allowing you to offer the best guest experience, Automate is all about ease of use and all the important functionalities available just on the click of a button.

Front Office Management
New Registration

It is crucial for all hotels to keep a record of all the necessary guest information, including ID proofs and contact details in the form of a registration card. For this, you can either take the time-consuming manual approach or let our hotel PMS do the work for you

Faster Check-in

Easily make check-in to group check-ins, our online PMS effortlessly takes care of your check-in functions. guest notification via SMS/email, printing registration cards/receipts/vouchers/invoices as per guest request and so much more.

Day Check-in ,Check-out

Aiding travellers who need rooms just for a few hours, Automate property management software offers the unique day check-in feature. This allows you to allocate a room to the guests checking out on the same day

Faster Check-out

Guest check-out is the last but certainly one of the most significant components of guest’s stay at your hotel. The kind of service you provide at check-out will determine if that guest will come back or not. Be it single check-out, group check-out, express check-outs or auto check-out, our hotel PMS covers everything.

Cancellations and No Shows

With our online hotel software, you can easily manage all that with a click of a button and your hotel inventory would seamlessly be updated on all your booking sources, including all your connected OTAs as well as your own website.

Room Move and Stay amendments

Let your staff easily operate essential tasks like the change of a room or offering rewards to guests from anywhere in the system. As we mentioned earlier, regardless of how minute the update is, our cloud property management software will immediately update your inventory across all connected channels, making sure you don’t miss out any booking.

Smart Calendar

Control your availability, rates, and more with our smart calendar. Online bookings are entered automatically in the calendar, and manual reservations are created in just one minute.

Booking confirmation

With just one click, you can email your guests with everything they need to know about their upcoming stay including the location on Google Maps, prepayment, booking and cancellation terms and room details.

Everything You'need to start an online business and sell online are you ?

One simple screen, everything you need

Reservation Center

You have a central calendar with all your booking and guest information. You can enter all bookings and cancel reservations. Additionally, the reservation system provides you with all kind of relevant information and data.

Reservation Center
Check availability with Stay View

With trouble free system, the stay view User Interface provides instant details of the hotel such as current room status, future availability of rooms, information on out of order rooms, future bookings and much more.

Reservation Management

Efficiently tracking and managing reservation is the heart and soul of a hotel business. With the help of our easy to use hotel software, hotel reservation management is a piece of cake.

Single Window Reservation Search

Understanding all your needs, our property management solution collects and combines all the reservation details while displaying the most accurate search results. As a result, you can efficiently carry out guest inquiries with absolute surety.

Guest Profiling

Preserving all your guest details such as their favorite room or breakfast choices, the guest profiling feature of Automate, aids you to offer outstanding personalized service to returning guest

Integrated reservations & auto sync

Online bookings are directly entered into your availability calendar, rates and availability are updated in real time on your website and booking channels.

Groups & corporate

Create and manager group or corporate bookings easily,Be it group check-in or check out, group payments or even amending the entire group stay, with Pure Automate, it’s a piece of cake

Everything You'need to start an online business and sell rooms online are you ?

Everything about Charges, invoices and payments

Owing to the hassle free system of our hotel management software, you can now easily post extra charges on guest folios, generate invoices and so much more.

Room Charge Posting

As an A to Z automated solution, our hotel software automatically posts the room tariff along with the configured taxes immediately after the booking is created. Be it a single stay or group booking, the charges seamlessly are posted to the guest/room

Extra Charges Posting

Now easily configure and add multiple charges to guest folio for various services availed by your guest. You can either post these charges manually or automate the process to automatically post the charges

Post Payment Anytime Till Checkout

Our hotel PMS allows your guest to pay for their room anytime- prior to arrival, during the stay or directly at checkout. In case of corporate guests where the accounts are settled by the company

Accept Multiple Payments

Along with posting several charge entries to a single guest folio, our system also allows you to accept break payments. Which means, your guest can make a partial payment by a credit card and part by cash

Deposit Tracking

The cloud hotel system allows you to accept payments prior the guest arrival in terms of a deposit. In cases where the guest has paid an advance deposit, our solution automatically creates the invoices and merges the deposit amount with the current stay.

Room Services Posting

As an A to Z automated solution, our hotel software automatically posts the room Services tariff along with the configured taxes immediately after the booking is created. Be it a single stay or group booking, the charges seamlessly are posted to the guest/room

Everything about Charges, invoices and payments
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Group Booking Management

Group bookings are the most confusing and are driven with human errors. Comprehending that, our online hotel software offers you a swift check-in module which helps you manage those difficult group bookings as easily as a single booking. Be it group check-in or check out, group payments or even amending the entire group stay, with Pure Automate, it’s a piece of cake.

Manage entire group payments- all from a single screen

Faster Group Check-in , Check-Out or No show

You can add charges to the group owner along with the individual folios as well.

Receive group proformas and invoices

You can distinguish group bookings with the help of the colour labelling and establish adequate communication with the entire group.

Group Booking Management

Reporting for your unique needs

Get a comprehensive understanding of the performance of your property. Analyze past data and forecast future metrics and growth.

More Report Analysis

Reports are absolutely necessary to analyze the hotel’s performance, identify areas to improve and make informed decisions. With the help of Pure Automate Hotel Management Solution, you can get a wide range of important reports including current occupancy, revenue, housekeeping, inventory distribution reports and more.

Reporting for your unique needs

Seasonal Rate Planning

Understanding the current demand and available supply, the system automatically advises you the best selling rate, that will ensure maximum revenue for your hotel. Moreover, it gives you complete access to your rate plans allowing you to update the prices at any given time as per the number of seasons spread over multiple years.

Reporting for your unique needs

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More Control On your hand

Access Control For Multiple User Accounts

We understand the importance of Data Security. Thus, our PMS allows you the create different accounts and allocate a different level of access to various members of the staff, according to their hierarchy. For example, the housekeeping staff will not have access to the sensitive data like the revenue report and night audits.

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